A new start

story1We fell in love with our Karridale farm in ’95 when we first drove through the fringe of Karri trees, turned a corner, and saw beside an old pine tree the original settler’s cottage which would become our home.

For nearly a hundred years the back breaking work of the first settlers and later farmers had been to run a dairy and raise beef cattle. Luckily for us their methods had not included harsh pesticides and the clean soil and pristine water encouraged us to farm organically.

This decision evolved from our experience and convictions and because once we owned our lovely slice of the valley, we wanted more than anything to look after it and improve on what we had found.

At Random Valley we like to remember and acknowledge the indigenous Wardandi people of the Bibbulmun Nation who were the original inhabitants of this area long before colonial settlement.

A love of the bush

We had both spent our childhood and teen years in a semi-rural environment in the foothills outside Perth and we loved the bush where we played as kids. In adult life we initially thought of organic farming as something alternative lifestylers practised but when we bought our property we came to see that a science based, synthetic chemical free approach was the best possible way to preserve the environment and produce clean, healthy products.

Our organic vineyard

Unlike long established vineyards and wineries, we established our organic farm at a time of public concern for environmental issues. We have not had to risk changing from one practice to another as we have established and managed our farm using organic practices from the very start. Read more about our organic vineyard.

A commitment to the environment

Our decision to farm organically was also influenced by Peter’s involvement in pioneering solar housing in Australia in the 1970’s and 80’s, his academic research while at Curtin University for both government and private industry and his experience in working in interdisciplinary teams. This has provided us with the
background to begin to manage and learn about the complexities of natural eco-systems and to network a range of scientific expertise.