organics1Welcome to organics – A healthier, cleaner and more environmentally sound way to eat and live.

In a troubled world most of us yearn to act in some way to stay the destruction of the natural environment and ensure the health and safety of those we love.

Growing and consuming organic produce fulfils the aims of many people because the processes ensure that what we choose to eat and drink is safe, healthy and preserves the natural environment.

We here at Random Valley were humbled to be recognised for this commitment by being a category winner of the 2005 Banksia Environmental Awards, the pre eminent environmental awards in Australia.

Why organics?

Aims of Organic Production(from the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) standards 1998)


  • To produce food of high quality in sufficient quantity.
  • To interact in a constructive and life-enhancing way with natural systems and cycles.
  • To consider the wider social and ecological impact of the organic production and processing systems.
  • To encourage and enhance biological cycles in farming systems, involving micro organisms, soil flora and fauna, plants and animals.
  • To develop a valuable and sustainable aquatic ecosystem.
  • To increase long term fertility of the soils.
  • To maintain the genetic diversity of the production system and its surroundings, including the protection of plant and wild life habitats.
  • To minimise all forms of pollution.
  • To use, as far as possible, renewable resources in locally organized production systems.

Why Choose Organic Wine?

  • You know the above IFOAM aims above have been fulfilled.
  • You are buying wine which has been produced without the use of synthetic chemicals.
  • You are taking a step towards ensuring the long term sustainability of our environment.

Random Valley Wines Organic Certification

The Random Valley family farm produce of grapes, beef and flowers is grown on land certified by the National Association of Sustainable Agriculture Australia Ltd. (NASAA) as ORGANIC and in accordance with the NASAA Standards for Organic Agricultural Production and the National Standard for Organic Produce.


Peter and Suzanne Little
NASAA License no: 6172

Random Valley Organic Wines are assessed and certified by the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia Ltd. (NASAA) as complying with the NASAA standards for Organic Processing and Preparation for Certified Food and Fibre and the National Standard for Organic Produce.

Our farm is audited and inspected annually (by NASAA) to ensure compliance and maintenance of the rigorous standards established by NASAA.

The grapes used to produce Random Valley Organic Wines are 100% sourced from our Karridale vineyard in the Margaret River Region.