A Trip worth Remembering

I recently went on a tour of Western Australia with group of friends. One of them was incredibly into wines and quite the connoisseur and after our lodge owner told us about this organic wine farm that we simply had to visit during our stay, off we went to Random Valley. Although I do not know much about wines, even I could taste quality and my friend the connoisseur said it is of the best he has ever tasted. Guess we will be going back there again, as even their prices are amazingly affordable.

If you live in Australia Random Valley is the Place to get Your Wines

I will never buy from wholesalers again unless they could sell me wines from Random Valley. I went with a friend who lives in the Margaret River region a few weeks back when he wanted to purchase his Christmas wines from this organic winery. I was incredibly impressed as I was unfamiliar with the label, but now I know it is one of my favorites to add to my existing collection.


Best Wines in the Karridale Area

I did not even know that in the Karridale are exist organic wine farms until a friend invited us along to Random Valley for a wine tasting tour where they wanted to get some of the best wines, according to them in the whole of the country. I do agree with them today as we bought some of the best Sauvignon Blancs I have ever tasted. Excellent choice of wines with great prices too and the hospitality of the hosts was awesome!


Excellent Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon

If you are a Shiraz or Cabernet Sauvignon connoisseur and looking for top quality wines I suggest you try the Random Valley Farm in the Karridale Valley in the Margaret River region. Magnificent flavors and excellent quality with amazing tours of great country while you make your selection of their top quality wines is what you can expect during a wine tasting tour. The friendly hospitality of our hosts were remarkable just like the wines. It is one place I will continue to support for sure!

Great for Events and Team Building

Finding something different to keep our team inspired and appreciated is something that any events manager such as myself find to be problematic at times. There is always the odd one out who does not appreciate something, but when I arranged wine tasting at Random Valley for our last casinouzmani canlı casino team event, everybody was in their element. It is a glorious organic wine farm with lovely wines, friendly hospitality, and the type of thing I would arrange again, thank you Random Valley for a great day